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FAQ Support Section Added
Need Help? Check out our FAQ Support Section for answers to most of your hosting related questions.

Email, Disk Space and Bandwidth Increases

We are increasing email disk space, and website disk space and bandwidth for many plans at no charge.

On May 5, 2009, the following allocation increases will go into effect for most hosting accounts and VM Server plans:

1) Business Class Email boxes will increase from 250MB to 1GB
2) Website Storage - increases two times from current published storage
3) Web Transfer Limit - increases two times from current published bandwidth limits

Faster Webmail

Webmail 4.1 will be released on October 1, 2008. The biggest benefit of this Webmail upgrade is a dramatic increase in speed and responsiveness. Your full Inbox will load in seconds, and individual messages will load faster similar to a desktop email program.

Numerous functional advancements will be made available with the introduction of Webmail 4.1:
  • Much, Much Faster: The Inbox loads 10 times faster than before. All Inbox functionality now works much faster.
  • Automatic Inbox updates: New messages will automatically be shown in the Inbox as they arrive. A sound will also play indicating the arrival of new mail.
  • New icon theme: New icons with a cleaner look-and-feel have been added.
  • Message flagging: You can now mark important messages in your Inbox with a star, just like in Outlook.
  • Unread messages: All personal folders now update to display the number of unread messages.

Improved SPAM Filters

New server-side SPAM filters were installed on the email servers. You should have noticed a large decrease in SPAM but there can also be false positives. If people sending you email are receiving a bounce-back email with the words "Connection Refused Due to Abuse" in it, please forward us this email so we can whitelist the sender's email server IP address.

Disk Space and Bandwidth Increases

We are increasing disk space and bandwidth for many plans for the third time in a little over a year.

On May 2, 2008, the following allocation increases will go into effect for Business Class, non-SOHO hosting accounts:

1) Website Storage - increases two times from current published storage
2) Web Transfer Limit - increases three times from current published storage

EasyBlogBuilder 2.0 Enhancements

On October 30, 2007 EasyBlogBuilder version 2.0 launches with a new management interface and advanced tools to help users create and manage compelling and successful web logs.

Version Highlights

  • Included migration tool lets users easily upgrade their current blog to version 2.0
  • Highly customizable templates adopted from EasySiteWizard Pro
  • Web-based management interface accessible from WebsiteOS control panel or via a secure login
Blog Management
  • Post and comment management tools
  • Post categorization and archiving
  • Design and preference management
User Tools
  • RSS Feed support
  • Photo sharing
  • Question polls

phpMyAdmin Management Tool

phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular tools for managing MySQL 4.1 and 5.0 databases.

On October 30, 2007, the phpMyAdmin management tool will be available within the WebsiteOS for non-SOHO hosting plans.

Product Enhancement: EasySiteWizard Pro, v. 7.2

Latest enhancements to EasySiteWizard Pro (version 7.2) include RSS Feed and Google Maps support.

The RSS Feed feature helps site owners keep visitors informed of updates to particular areas of their website through RSS syndication.

Google Maps support allows users to easily insert a Google-powered map of their location from which site visitors can link to driving directions and various map features.

Email Storage Increase / Platform Upgrades

We will be making significant enhancements to our email offering over the coming months. As part of these enhancements, on September 3, 2007, we will automatically increase email box storage for all website hosting plans at no additional cost. Details are as follows:

Single Domain Name - Business-Class email (with or without web hosting)

  • Email storage increase from 100MB to 250MB per mailbox

    Single Domain Name - SOHO Email (with or without web hosting)
  • Email storage increase from 50MB to 100MB per mailbox

    VMServer - Hosting with Email (includes Windows Enhanced packages)
  • Email storage increase from 100MB to 250MB per mailbox

    Over the next few months, we will also be introducing a number of additional email services, including:
    • Collaborative calendars
    • Shared contact lists
    • Synchronization of calendar and contact information over the Internet between Outlook, Webmail and BlackBerry devices.

  • PHP 5.2.3 Upgrade

    A maintenance window is scheduled for Saturday, July 21, 2007, from 12am-4am ET (9pm-1am PT, 4am-8am GMT).

    During this maintenance window, we will be upgrading to PHP 5.2.3, which provides a number of bug fixes and other functional improvements. More information on PHP 5.2.3 can be found at Please note that PHP 4 customers will be unaffected by this update.

    No downtime is anticipated during this maintenance window.

    Disk Space and Bandwidth Increases / Maintenance Notice

    We have doubled disk space and bandwidth limits again and have added additional email boxes to most plans. Since our hosting is served by clusters and everything is redundant for enhanced reliability, it is more expensive to add disk space than other hosting providers.

    In 2007, you will see some significant enhancements to the email hosting platform. These changes will result in many exciting new services including the ability to offer higher storage capacity mailboxes and other high-demand, email-based services.

    As a part of this enhancement process, a series of maintenance windows have been scheduled every Saturday, starting April 14th, and ending Saturday, July 7th, inclusive. Each maintenance window will run from 12am-4am ET (9pm-1am PT, 4am-8am GMT).

    While no disruption in mail services are expected, any unanticipated interruption will be brief.

    osCommerce, Photo Album, EasyStoreMakerPro V3

    New Support Applets for osCommerce Launch February 28, 2007

    osCommerce is a popular open source ecommerce application used by online businesses globally. The new osCommerce support applications feature a built-in osCommerce installation wizard along with professionally designed store templates, custom built for use with osCommerce.

    Key features of the applications include:

    • User-friendly installation wizard
    • Automated configuration of MYSQL database
    • Stable and reliable environment
    • Graphically compelling osCommerce store templates
    This ecommerce application will be available on most non-SOHO packages and will be accessible by users through the WebsiteOS control panel.

    Photo Album Launches February 28, 2007

    Photo Album makes it easy for users of any ability to create an online album to share digital photos with friends, colleagues and customers. It features an easy-to-use interface from which users can upload images, add photo descriptions, and publish their album online.

    Key user features of Photo Album include:

    • Ability to create multiple albums with unlimited photos
    • Thumbnail and full-size image view for published photos
    • Option to create personalized descriptions for individual photos
    • Automatic resizing of large images to optimize storage usage
    Photo Album will be available in all packages and will be accessible by users through the WebsiteOS control panel.

    EasyStoreMaker Pro, Version 3 Launches February 28, 2007

    New feature enhancements and store management tools will be incorporated into EasyStoreMaker Pro this month, making it even easier for users to create professional online stores.

    Key features of this upgrade include:

    • A suite of professionally designed store templates, custom built for EasyStoreMaker Pro, providing users a turn-key ecommerce storefront
    • Ability to more easily import productdata (CSV files)
    • Product showcasing option to highlight new or feature products
    EasyStoreMaker Pro is available on most non-SOHO packages and is accessible by users through the WebsiteOS control panel.

    PHP 5 Upgrade Complete
    The upgrade from PHP 4.4.1 to PHP 5 was completed Thursday, February 22, 2007.

    If you wish to continue using PHP 4.4.1, the PHP Manager application in the WebsiteOS allows you to specify which version of PHP you would like to use. There is no delay associated with changing PHP versions so you will be able to use the selected version immediately.

    More about PHP 5:
    PHP 5 offers many new features; it is designed to be as compatible with earlier versions of PHP as possible, with little functionality being broken in the process. PHP 5 and the integrated Zend Engine 2 have greatly improved PHP's performance and capabilities. Most existing PHP 4 code should be ready to run without changes, therefore migrating code to PHP 5 should be fairly simple.

    Please note there are some backwards-compatibility issues. Details of these changes for developers can be found here:

    The main change which website developers and web programmers will encounter in PHP 5 is with the object-oriented programming (OOP) model, which now uses Zend Engine 2.0. Details can be found at:

    Additional References:

    Disk Space and Bandwidth Doubled Again
    We have doubled disk space and bandwidth for most plans for the second time in 6 months.

    MySQL 5.0 Support
    On Thursday February 15th, 2007 we will be launching our latest version of the DB Manager. DB Manager Version 3.0 will allow the user to run MySQL 4.0 databases, as the current version does. The new database manager application will also feature support for MySQL 5.0 databases through the same interface.

    Along with this added support of the newest version of MySQL, we will be increasing the default number of databases allowed per domain from 2 to 3. Users will be able to have MySQL 4 and 5 databases simultaneously if desired, giving users more freedom in their database account management.

    This application upgrade will not affect any current databases that a user has created through the DB Manager. All existing MySQL 4.0 databases will function under the same username and passwords that the user has set. Access to creating MySQL 5.0 databases will be accessible for existing users as well.

    PHP 5.0 Upgrade
    As part of our ongoing effort to offer the latest services, on Thursday, February 22nd, 2007, we will be upgrading from PHP 4.4.1 to PHP 5; this will allow users to take advantage of the additional features and benefits available in PHP 5.

    In the coming weeks, we will provide a preview URL for user domains, allowing customers to view their current site as it will look under PHP 5. This will give developers time to make any necessary updates to their site's code in preparation for the upgrade to PHP 5.

    If a user wishes to continue using PHP 4.4.1, a PHP Manager application in the WebsiteOS will be provided, allowing customers to specify which version of PHP they would like to use. By default, the PHP Manager will assume PHP 5.

    The PHP Manager will be available on Monday, January 22nd, 2007. If a user elects to continue using PHP 4.4.1, then the user will not be upgraded to PHP 5.

    ProStores 7.0
    Selling online just got easier with ProStores 7.0. ProStores 7.0 makes it easier than ever for end users to design and customize online stores.

    The new features include:
    • New Basic Design Editor - Set-up and customize an online store easier than ever with drag and drop functionality.
    • Multiple Design Options - Regardless of the user's level of web design skill, ProStores has a solution. For basic users the Design Wizard Basic will walk through all the steps to create an online store, and for the more experienced users, the advanced design editors and Dreamweaver extensions are available.
    • Default New Category - New products uploaded to the store now automatically update the "New Products" category. Allowing shoppers to buy new products immediately upon upload and eliminating the need to apply a category to the product.
    Expanded eBay Integration:
    • New eBay design themes create a streamlined experience from eBay to the online store, allowing users to easily copy eBay logos/fonts/colors.
    • Merchants can now create and save unlimited eBay listings -saving time when listing items from a ProStores catalog to eBay.
    • eBay integrated templates also include up-to-date versions of eBay Sell-Your-Item forms as-well-as support for multiple shipping carriers, second chance offers and the return policy field.
    New Promotion Features:
    • ProStore owners can now feature products and categories on their home page increasing new traffic to their stores.
    • ProStores Standard users can now set promotions for the entire store such as "dollar-off" and "percent-off". This was previously only available in higher ProStores tiers.
    New Shipping Features:
    • Customers can now choose the shipper of their choice from a list of carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post.
    • Use PayPal for postage and print USPS labels directly from ProStores.
    • ProStores now integrates with UPS Worldship, a tool allowing previously negotiated lower shipping rates with this carrier.
    Other Features in ProStores 7:
    • Full ecommerce functionality including shopping cart, full tax and shipping support - Easily grow online sales and accelerate business by adding another sales channel.
    • Tools to list products on other market places - Connect with internet shopping directories, easily submit to their product catalogs, and have the customers directed back to a specific online store. Directories include: Froogle, eBay, and Yahoo Shopping.
    • Templates - Attractive professionally designed templates to help in creating an enticing online store.
    • Built-in Design Wizard - Easily create an online store without any html knowledge.
    • Design Wizard Checklist - Ensure all steps are completed during the creation of a ProStore.
    • Design Studio Improvements - Allow advanced users to modify edits and design options.
    • Dreamweaver Extension - Modify/customize ProStores templates easily.
    • ProStores Pro Plus tools track purchases based on login ID - Create promotion and loyalty programs to select login IDs for increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.
    • ProStores Pro Plus affiliate promotion tool - Post affiliate ads in exchange for commission on sales and have this tool calculate variable commissions from affiliates.

    Free EasySiteOptimizer
    Designed to help website owners optimize their site for search engines, EasySiteOptimizer is an intelligent browser-based application which leads users through a series of steps to determine key words associated with their business, analyze their website content and layout, and submit their site to popular search engines.

    EasySiteOptimizer is available with most Business-class hosting packages and is accessible by users through the WebsiteOS control panel.

    Key features of EasySiteOptimizer include:

    The keyword generator prompts users to enter adjectives describing their business, and scans today's top search engines to find similar words currently producing high ranking results. The user then has the option to automatically insert the selected keywords to their index page.

    The analyzer scans individual site pages to provide suggestions on Meta tags, layout, and content applicable for search engines. Users can edit their HTML code directly within the EasySiteOptimizer application based on the recommendations it provides.

    The submission tool allows users to automatically submit their site pages to search engines of their choice. Integrated search engines include, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Lycos.

    Free EasySiteWizard 7 Pro
    EasySiteWizard 7 Professional is a progressive website builder representing the latest in design functionality.

    EasySiteWizard 7 Professional introduces a flexible interface crafted using Ajax technology that allows users to easily customize their site pages by simply "dragging" and "dropping" text, graphics and forms wherever they choose. The new interface is complemented with a gallery of specially designed, high-quality website templates, fully customizable for users to add their own personal images and text.

    EasySiteWizard 7 Professional is available free of charge with most hosting plans and is accessible by users through the WebsiteOS control panel.

    Key features of EasySiteWizard 7 Professional include:
    • Drag and Drop Functionality
    • Resize and move text boxes and images anywhere on the template.
    • Submenu Support
    • Easy-to-navigate editor makes building pages simple.
    • Save and Publish
    • Easy-to-use "save page", "preview" and "publish" functionality.
    • Flexible Templates
    • Growing gallery of unique professional templates, pre optimized for search engines.
    • Spell check functionality for all supported languages.
    • Ajax Based Interface
    • Leading web development scripting for creating maneuverable and responsive web design editor tools.
    • Modern Interface
    • User interface has a simple layout that is user-friendly, clean, and functional.
    • Photo Objects Gallery
    • Tens of thousands of unique images that can be utilized with EasySiteWizard 7 Professional.

    Webmail 4.0 Launched
    Webmail 4.0 replaces all existing webmail applications. Key upgrades of Webmail 4.0 include:
    • Upgraded architecture to enhance speed and performance
    • New user-friendly interface
    • Advanced email folder management
    • Ability to send messages in HTML or plain text formats
    • Multi-language support and spell checking
    • Intuitive calendaring and task management
    • Enhanced contact management functionality (including group and list management)
    • Easy personal preference settings including autoresponders, email forwarding, password management, and variable spam filtering levels

    MySQL Upgraded to 4.0.27
    The MySQL service has been upgraded to version 4.0.27.

    Database username conventions were altered for new accounts, to provide compatibility with future MySQL updates.

    Existing customers will be able to use a new database username which complies with the new username convention. Customers will be able to pick up this new username in the Database Manager application in WebsiteOS. Though existing database usernames in scripts will continue to function, users are encouraged to update any scripts or other code they have on their websites in preparation for compatibility with future MySQL upgrades.

    Please note that manual connections to MySQL databases will only support the new username convention after Tuesday, August 15, 2006.

    Free EasyLiveChat
    The EasyLiveChat application lets you economically offer live chat via your website for single or multiple agents. This is ideal for online support activities. One agent is capable of handling up to four chat sessions simultaneously. EasyLiveChat is bundled free with most Business-class plans and is accessible through the WebsiteOS.

    Free Virus Scanning is now providing email anti-virus services using F-Prot for all email accounts at no additional charge. F-Prot is an award wining antivirus product developed by Frisk Software – one of the world’s leading antivirus research and product development companies since 1993.

    To take advantage of the free F-Prot AntiVirus solution, customers must enable the Virus Scanning checkbox in their EasyMail application in their WebsiteOS.

    Free Agency-Caliber Website Templates now offers a collection of 1,000 professionally designed business websites, ready for our customers to personalize. These agency-caliber, designer-grade website templates are fully indexed by industry and downloadable via WebsiteOS. All templates are compatible with Adobe Photoshop 6, Macromedia Flash MX and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. The Template manager will be bundled free of charge on most Business-class plans.

    $14.95/year Domain Registration
    Domain Registration prices have been reduced to $14.95 per year.

    Disk Space Doubled
    We have doubled disk space for most plans.

    PHP upgraded to 4.4.1
    Our web servers have been updated to support PHP 4.4.1.

    This update only affects end-users who have PHP code (e.g. .phtml and .php files) on their websites. PHP 4.4.1 is backwards-compatible with version 4.4.0 and should not require any modifications to existing PHP code.

    Free Spam Filter Upgraded has recently completed a set of spam filter enhancements. The free spam filter's effectiveness has been improved, without increasing the risk of false positives. The new upgrades change the number of asterisks included in the subject line of messages tagged as spam; however, no changes should be required by customers or end-users as a consequence of this modification. Please note: spam filter users who have had issues with false positives are encouraged to utilize the "whitelist" option in EasyMail or PersonalMail.

    URL Forwarding and Reseller System IP numbers have changed
    If you use the URL FORWARDING service, please note that it has moved from IP number to If you have hard-coded this number into a web page or have used them in your DNS for a domain that uses URL forwarding, please change it. You can also create a CNAME and point to instead of pointing to

    If you are a reseller, the RESELLER SYSTEM web site has moved from IP numbers and to If you have hard-coded these numbers into a web page or have used them in your DNS for a subdomain that points to the Reseller System please change them.

    In short, please change: ---> or create a CNAME pointing to ---> --->

    Secure Shell now available
    The Secure Shell application gives developers the tools to manage their sites using a command-line interface, without the risk of compromising the security of the hosting server environment. SSH is the official standard for securing remote access and file transfers over the Internet and is similar to working in a DOS environment. SSH will allow developers to:

    * Save time and effort with the ability to make live, secure changes to their website's HTML code.
    * Run up to three live sessions simultaneously at the server level.

    SSH is disabled by default. Those who wish to have SSH access must enable it using the Secure Shell application. This application will be located in the "Security" section in WebsiteOS. If you do not have that option, contact us so we can enable it on your domain. Users who wish to log in using SSH must use an SSH-capable client, such as "Putty" (Windows application). Please note that enabling SSH does not disable WebsiteOS.

    Appointment Scheduler 1.0 now available
    Appointment Scheduler lets site visitors conveniently book appointments online. Features of the application include:

    * A WebsiteOS(TM) Management interface giving users the ability to easily manage every aspect of their Appointment Scheduler

    * The ability to customize your appointment scheduler and tailor its appearance to include a personalized title, company information, booking and confirmation messages, as well as the color scheme of their choice

    * The facility to specify appointment availability and ability to stipulate business hours with weekly display or drill down to specific days for variable times available for appointments

    * The means to easily view and delete the appointments that have been scheduled and confirmed

    * A main schedule calendar format page for ease of use by site visitors

    * A booking page that permits users to complete an appointment reservation form, entering pertinent information, such as name, contact details and reason for appointment request

    You can start using Appointment Scheduler 1.0 today by simply logging into WebsiteOS(TM), clicking on "Site Builders" and then "Appointment Scheduler". If you do not have access to this in your WebsiteOS, contact us to activate it.

    Easy Blog Builder 1.0 now available
    Easy Blog Builder gives you a medium for posting information online and opening communication with site visitors, customers etc. Easy Blog Builder 1.0 features include:

    * Blog Manager in WebsiteOS(TM) that lets users easily manage every aspect of their blog, from the aesthetic appearance of the blog to the blog topics of discussion, and more

    * The ability to organize blogs into categories (i.e. Sports, Music, Health)

    * The means to censor words, such as expletives, that you do not wish to be used in a blog

    * The ability to define colors, font type and font size for all elements on a blog page, as well as the means to upload images

    * Easily add and delete users who have access to post information in a blog

    * A blog editor that permits the blog owner to edit or delete blog entries and comments

    * A calendar on the blog homepage that displays days with blogs posted as clickable links. Clicking on the day will open a popup window with the day's posts.

    * The capability to comment on users' posts and read comments posted previously by others.

    * The ability to email a blog entry

    * A search function that allows a user to search for entries by keyword or category

    You can start using Easy Blog Builder 1.0 today by simply logging into WebsiteOS(TM), clicking on "Site Builders" and then "EasyBlogBuilder". If you do not have access to this in your WebsiteOS, contact us to activate it.

    We now support 16 reseller plans
    We now have 16 reseller plans starting at just $1.25 per month. These new plans will add more value to your service and help you attract more clients. Check out our reseller pricing page for more information on each plan. Be sure to check out our 4 new SOHO Email plans for resellers. All plans are available now for your use. Go to the Reseller Manager -> Modify Company Information to add these services to your account.

    EasyStoreMaker PRO v2.2 will be released
    On December 22, 2003, EasyStoreMaker PRO v2.2 will be released. This New version of EasyStoreMaker PRO will allow users to create an online store entirely in French, Spanish, or English. The online order pickup website can also be set to display in French, Spanish or English. These new language settings will be accessible in WebsiteOS as follows:

    1. Under "E-commerce", open the ESM Pro control panel
    2. Click on the "Preferences" tab
    3. Select the "Languages" category

    EasySiteWizard 5.1 released
    Effective December 15, 2003, EasySiteWizard 5.1 is released, bringing more features and ease-of-use to what is already a state-of-the-art creation application. Version 5.1 upgrades include the ability for users to make a copy their existing website, so any undesired changes can be reversed instantaneously, or to allow them to experiment with radical design changes without losing their website's original design or content.

    Virtual Server Enhancements
    Our Virtual Managed Server packages have been augmented to include the following features:

    * The ability to maintain an unlimited number of parked accounts in the VMS Manager

    * The capability to edit customer account information in real-time using the VMS Manager

    * The facility to enable, disable, suspend, or delete an existing domain within the VMS Manager

    Linux 2.4.22 kernel patched without incident
    On Monday, December 1, 2003, a vulnerability in the Linux 2.4.22 kernel was made public to the security community. Our security team responded to this threat and upgraded all affected systems. Please note that while our systems were not compromised in any way, our quick response to security issues ensures that your information is protected, as well as the integrity of the system at large.

    Reseller API is COMPLETE
    We have finished creating an API for all non-VMS resellers. The new API allows you to speak to our servers dynamically from within your own web pages on your own web site, giving you full control over the look and feel of your reseller system. Documentation and examples are online for your use and review.

    Customize your WebsiteOS Login Page!
    We have created a system to allow you to create a customized WebsiteOS login page. You can now have your users go to your own URL with your own look and feel to login to the WebsiteOS system. If there is an error on login, it will go to your own defined URL for an error page. We have included documentation and examples here for resellers. VMS clients can go to My Services for the information.

    We now support 12 reseller plans
    We now have 12 reseller plans starting at just $1.25 per month. These new plans will add more value to your service and help you attract more clients. Check out our reseller pricing page for more information on each plan. All plans are available now for your use. Go to the Reseller Manager -> Modify Company Information to add these services to your account.

    We now support 19 payment gateways
    We have 19 payment processing gateways available for use with our online shopping carts. With that many companies to choose from, you are sure to have a sucessful online store. Check out our eCommerce area for more information on each payment gateway.

    EasyStoreMaker Pro will support PayPal payments
    On October 22, 2003, EasyStoreMaker Pro will support the PayPal payment gateyway. This will greatly enhance your payment collection process. You no longer have a need to apply for a merchant account with one of the other gateways. You can now simply use the PayPal payment gateway with your normal PayPal account.

    New and Enhanced Spam Filter 2.0
    Spam Filter 2.0 is now released to all EasyMail users. The enhanced spam filter system has new features that end-users will benefit from, including:
    • Improved spam recognition.
    • The ability to "quarantine" and selectively restore email classed as spam through the advanced spam filter control panel, accessible through the EasyMail or Personal Mail application.
    • The ability to "tag and deliver" email classified as spam. Email which is determined to be spam will have "**SPAM**" added to the subject line and will be delive#6699ff with all other email messages.
    • The ability to automatically delete mail classified as spam.
    • A "white list" of email addresses allowing certain email addresses and domains to bypass the spam filter.
    • A "black list" of email addresses automatically rejected by the spam filter from specified addresses or domains.
    End-users currently making use of the spam filter can activate the new settings simply by performing the following steps:

    1. Log into the EasyMail or Personal Mail application
    2. Select the email address that requires Spam Filter 2.0 activation
    3. Deselect "Enable Spam Filtering" and click "Apply"
    4. Select "Enable Spam Filtering" and click "Apply"

    API released for VMS Resellers
    We are pleased to announce the release of our API for VMS Resellers! This new API will allow you to connect to our servers directly from within your web pages to create your customers domain on the fly. The domain will be setup as a Personal plan level which you will later import into your VMS account, giving your user instant access to their web site to start uploading, creating email accounts, etc. Go to My Services for the link to this exciting new API.

    FTP Security updated without incident.
    A notification was released to the security community today, involving FTP services. As a preventative measure, we applied a security update across our FTP farm this afternoon. This update resolved the issue and was conducted without incident or customer impact.

    Our quick response to security issues ensures that you and your end-users' information is protected, as well as the integrity of the system at large.

    We are doubling our bandwidth allowances on August 1st!
    Due to the increased demand on bandwidth as well as the market call for such plans, we will be doubling all account allowances on bandwidth effect August 1st, 2003. This is for normal users, individual reseller plans and VMS packs.

    ASP.NET and ColdFusion MX is HERE!
    We finally have the long awaited ASP.NET and ColdFusion MX services online. It is included in all hosting packages of Personal or higher. VMS accounts can upgrade for a moderate fee if you require these features. Individual resellers can resell these features for an additional fee of $1 per domain. Go to your reseller manager to setup pricing today!

    New advanced SPAM filtering on all email accounts - FREE
    All email accounts on our servers now include advanced SPAM filtering. These filters can be turned ON or OFF per email account and can be custom set to suit your own needs. The EasyMail Spam Filtering function uses Spam Bouncer version 1.5. Click here for more information on the features in this Anti-SPAM system.

    Easily add a Gift Registry to your Web Site!